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Every International arrival, is required to present vaccine certificates (full doses) with minimum of 14 days prior to arrival and a 2x24 hours negative COVID-19 PCR test result to enter Indonesia. Continuing the requirement of new decree on 8th March 2022 to undergo a mandatory of 1 day quarantine at the designated accommodation conducted by the Indonesian government at their own expenses. The requirement must be followed by one time PCR test which counted from the landing date. The exception for arrivals who fail to present full doses of Covid-19 vacccine certificate or only half dose, will require to undergo a mandatory of 6 nights and 7 days quarantine at designated accommodation following the same procedure of Covid-19 examination.

Implementation of the quarantine protocol and the first Rapid-PCR Test is carried out at Juanda International Airport after landing and continue with own PCR test on the third day on own obligation and report the result to the health quarantine at the designated accommodation chosen. The implementation is supervised by the handling officers from the Ministry of Health and Covid-19 Handling Acceleration Force team.

Present D-HOTS QR code to conduct PCR test 1 at the airport. Once the first PCR Test has been conducted, the arrival passenger will be escorted to the quarantine hotel (please present D-HOTS QR code and your passport to your airport representative). The QR code will be scanned by the police officer on the last check counter.

Once the designated quarantine accommodation has been arranged, it is not possible to move to another hotel (deposit will be needed to guarantee the booking process).

Learn more aboutthe official Government recent Decree here

The Indonesian government authorized 125 Certified Hotels in accordance with the Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights on Visa and Stay Permit in the New Normal. The Ministry of Health appointed PHRI (The Association of Hotel and Restaurant) to provide and facilitate the accommodation for all International arrivals who are observed with the mandatory quarantine under own expenses since December 2020. The Quarantine Stay package includes accommodation based on the required stay, 3 meals per day, two times COVID-19 PCR tests, and airport pick up service. 5 pieces laundry is only provided for 6 nights 7 days quarantine

Visit the official quarantine hotels list in Surabaya here and book direct without hassle. Once you have made the payment through quarantine Surabaya website, QR code will be generated automatically and sent to your email. Ensure you have given the right data arrival through the link to ease the quarantine process.

  • Find out quarantine hotel list in Surabaya by clicking here
  • All reservation must be registered at the D-HOTS by hotel reservation. Once the booking has been registered, you will receive a QR code (1 passenger 1 QR code) together with the arrival data form via email.
  • Keep the QR code on your mobile for inspection process at the airport, Juanda International Airport, Terminal 2.
  • Fill in the arrival data form prior to your arrival (ensure data is input correctly to speed the arrival process)
  • Ensure you have given a valid email address and ensure your QR code data is correct. For any revision or changing details information, you must suddenly contact your selected hotel.
  • If you have not received a QR code, you will not be able to go out from the airport. Please request the hotel to re-send the code before arrival.

Watch: Police inspection using QR Code

  • Once you have received a confirmation booking from preferred hotel, D-HOTS PHRI will send a QR code to your email along with a link of the arrival details. If you have not received them, the hotel is required to re-send them. Click here to Request for QR CODE, or Request Arrival Data Link
  • Please fill in the arrival data with the right information to ease the pick up and arrival process.
  • From 19th September 2021, International arrivals must obtain the first PCR test at the airport, promptly after landing. However, the payment will be settled at the quarantine hotel.
  • After obtaining a Negative PCR Test result, you will be escorted to meet your airport representative. Please prepare your passport a D-HOTS QR code to show to the police officer at the arrival hall.
  • Once you have passed the Police officer check counter, the Airport representative will escort you to the transportation area and welcome to your preferred quarantine hotel accommodation.
  • Please beware, your passport will be kept by your airport representative and should be collected at hotel counter upon check out.
  • All International travelers (Indonesian citizens and foreigners) are required to prepare a negative result of the RT PCR examination from the country of origin whose sampler is taken within a maximum period of 3x24 hours before departure at the time of the medical examination at the airport / seaport / land border post of the country of arrival.
  • Be ensure you have fully vaccinated and bring a vaccinate certificate (full doses) to enter Indonesia.
  • Check with your airlines if you have any exceptional condition in regards of your vaccination requirement, such as pregnant, special illness.
  • Be sure to book the certified hotel listed for your own comfort, provide your passport, flight details, vaccine certificate(s) and negative PCR test result upon reservation. Find your ideal Comfy Quarantine Stay here
  • Hotel obligates to provide you an airport pick up service and you are not able to book own transport at the airport. If you book online, be sure to book the transport services with the hotel and ask for the QR code. You are not permitted to arrange pick up service on your own. Please contact your selected hotel here
  • In case you have special dietary plan or allergy, we recommend you to discuss with the hotel representative before arrival for your own comfort during quarantine. You must take full board package and no online food delivery is allowed during quarantine period.
  • Before entering Surabaya, you may download Peduli Lindungi application to ease the PCR test process at the airport.
  • The quarantine period will be counted from the date of the first PCR test at the airport. For midnight flight, one night additional charge might be applied to block for early arrival (depending on each hotel regulation).
  • The 1st PCR test will be held at the airport.
  • One time PCR test is a must for all International passengers arriving to Surabaya. No exception of age, including baby and infant.
  • If the results of the RT PCR swab examination test positive (either the first swab or the second swab), guest will be evacuated and undergo isolation according to the applicable provisions in the isolation facility established by the government. Referral to isolation facilities is carried out using a special vehicle / ambulance by implementing COVID-19 prevention and control protocols.
  • Hotel is not responsible for any result of the PCR Tests as it is conducted by the appointed government laboratory.
  • Dispensation in the form of exemption from quarantine obligations provided that a bubble system and strict health protocols are implemented can be granted to foreigners with the following criteria:

    1. Delegates of official/state visit;
    2. International travelers under the Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA) scheme;
    3. Delegates who will attend the G20 meeting; and/or
    4. Travelers who are honorable persons (former heads of state or heads of government of a country) or distinguished persons (holders of positions who have high social and economic value in the international community).
  • International arrivals who could not get vaccination because of comorbid or health issue must show health certificate issued by approved government hospital from the origin country.


  • If the results of the RT PCR swab examination twice are negative and have gone through 24 hours quarantine, it is declared that the guest have completed the quarantine period. Guest may check out from the accommodation and must conduct the second PCR test on the third day and report to the health quarantine team at the designated accommodation. A certificate or Clearance Form will be issued on the second day after the receiving a negative PCR test result.
  • Passports and documents should be collected at the check-out counter / Hotel reception.
  • Be aware that the Clearance letter is only valid for 1-3 days after it is being issued, depending on your next destination. Recommended to ask the hotel for further details.
  • You may present the Clearance Letter to the government body and continue your pleasant journey in Indonesia.

Covid-19 Task Force Team

Indonesia Ministry of Health Covid-19 Task Force Indonesian Hotels & Restaurants Association 5th Territorial Military Regional Command / Kodam V Brawijaya National Disaster Management Authority